terça-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2009

MR: By the way, I saw an old mutual favorite director of ours recently. You know who I'm talking about, don't you? It was great seeing him.

CW: I see him sometimes, too, and I miss him.

MR: I miss him working. Aronofsky reminds me a lot of Michael Cimino.

CW: It's actually a mystery to me why he's not making movies.

MR: I don't know. Because, man, I'm telling you, on the floor he's like a general. He brings the best out of you.

CW: Obviously, it's his decision, because he's perfectly capable of directing a film anytime he wants. Which brings me to
Heaven's Gate [1980]. That's something we did together.

MR: I was so nervous working with you. I think you had already won your Academy Award for
The Deer Hunter [1978].

CW: Just, like, a month before we started shooting. I was probably really obnoxious at the time.

MR: Well, you were actors' royalty, brother. I mean, you were someone we all looked up to.

CW: No, I was probably a pain in the ass.

MR: Well, you were always, like, this strange being from another place.

CW: You know, we did that movie,
Heaven's Gate, and at the time nobody knew it was going to become this problem. Everybody was just having a terrific time. You and I have a scene in the movie. It's at night. We go from the stable to Isabelle Huppert's character's house. We're walking in the dark, and we pass some strange antiques stores. And I remember during the take, you said to me, "What's that?" And I said, "It's a flying saucer." If you see the movie, and you listen very carefully, they forgot to take that out.


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