segunda-feira, 23 de março de 2009

Présence du Cinéma

n° 4-5 (Le Cinéma Des Blousons Noirs)
n° 6-7 (Sadisme Et Libertinage - Le Nouveau Cinéma Français An. II)
n° 8 (Les Nouvelles Actrices Du Cinéma Français)
n° 9 (Vittorio Cottafavi*)
n° 10 (Avenir Du Cinéma Français*)
n° 11 (Otto Preminger*)
n° 12 (Claude Sautet - Don Weis*)
n° 13 (Raoul Walsh*)
n° 14 (Scénaristes Français Et Américains*)

à venda por 32,00 €

6 comentários:

Evandro Duarte disse...

Compre, então.

Christophe disse...

of course, it's already sold...

thank you for the link by the way !
You should love this movie.

bruno andrade disse...

Da nº 9 em diante tenho todas, menos a 18 e o livro do Alfred Eibel sobre Lang.

bruno andrade disse...


That was all I was able to find at the web right now. The Edwards edition (15-16) is fairly easy to locate; it frequently shows up in web shops like Abebooks, Livrerarebooks, e-bay etc. From nº 9 on I have 'em all, except the Mankiewicz edition (nº18) and the Alfred Eibel book on Lang.

I really love the Duvall movie; curiously enough, I've only came to know it recently, about 2 years ago.

Christophe disse...

thank you fore these links my dear bruno!
I have the number 8. but Skorecki, Mourlet and Co are not here yet and it seems like a "amateur fanzine".

glad you love the movie, which is a movie that has to be known.

bruno andrade disse...

Christophe, could send me an e-mail at

There are somethings I would like to send to you.

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