sexta-feira, 21 de março de 2014


1. Imensa pintura em movimento arquitetada pelo rigorosíssimo e sensível CinemaScope continuador de todo o cinzelamento Egípcio do berço de Freda até ao alto renascimento da pátria de trabalho, o reconhecido Giovanni Piranesi ou o Courbet dos enterros, Da Vinci horizontal e sucessivos.


3. "(...) the figure of Christ, the young dying god who is eternally alive, the Word that contains all poetry, the head and body of the Church, the good Shepherd whose pastoral world sees no winter, the Sun of righteousness that never sets, whose power can raise Lycidas, like Peter, out of the waves, as it redeems souls from the lower world, which Orpheus failed to do."

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"There's no doubt, however, that the bitterness of the critics is justified: they like to see what they already know; they allow of no beauty as yet unclassified. For them beauty is classical, and they spend the greater part of their time lamenting what is gone; what agonies to be forever denied the satisfaction of those tedious close-ups, that framing so compliantly subject to the laws of the golden number, everything that habit has endowed with the illusion of the irreplaceable. But how can it fail to fire the imagination - the idea of what is yet to come, but is promised to us,
the knowledge of all that can now happen; in these new expanses what harm can come to that close-up, whose every artifice we know so well, whose every inflexion is so predictable? Art lives not necessarily in what is new, but in what is discovered; that is what unbends the most stubborn and emboldens the most timid."

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