segunda-feira, 24 de março de 2014

Romantic art which sees creative truth in the liberty of the subject also creates the desire for a total book, a sort of Bible in perpetual growth: no longer to represent the real but to replace it because the whole can only affirm itself in the non-objective domain of the book... But the greater number of Romantics were content to dream this total novel in the manner of a fable or to realize it, in a strange synthesis of abstract innocence and gossamer knowledge — and only Novalis was to undertake it and — here is the remarkable feature — was not only to leave it unfinished, but foresaw that the only way of achieving it would have been to invent a new art: the art of the fragment.

Descobrimos imediatamente no cinema a realização concreta das intuições filosóficas que floresciam no final do século XIX. Ele projeta a duração nos limites planos do espaço. O que estou dizendo? Ele faz da duração uma dimensão do espaço, o que confere ao espaço uma nova e imensa significação de colaborador ativo, e não mais passivo do espírito.

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