domingo, 7 de maio de 2006

saxon in pelts

John Saxon will star in dario's second 'master's of horror' episode pelts.


simonetti and moh

Claudio simonetti is doing the music for dario's 'master's of horror' episode pelts.


dario and the third mother

On May 16th dario will be back in rome ready to start working on the third mother whose pre-production work starts on June 1st.

This movie is a big budget feature, produced by medusa along with a major american company. It’s a sort of diabolical sequel to suspiria and inferno set in rome, with eerie creatures and a race against time in the way of dan brown’s 'angels and demons'.

Immediately after finishing work on the third mother, dario has been signed by another major american company to start shooting another big budget movie.

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