sábado, 22 de agosto de 2009

Like for instance, in real life that Goebbels did, that wasn’t Nation’s Pride, but was his last ditch effort saying, "We're not gonna win anymore battles on the battlefields, but we’re gonna win one in the cinemas." That was a movie called Kolberg that told the story of a Prussian village that repelled Napoleon’s Army. Now you don’t have to be a genius to figure out when you’ve got the Americans on Normandy and the Russian’s banging at the gate, who they’re referring to in their little parable of strong Germans holding the fort. So it’s not just as blanketed as, "Oh all they did was anti-Semitic movies." Oddly enough, any movie made where Goebbels is the head on it is going to be political by its very nature, alright. Whether by what they say or what they don’t say – what they don’t allow being said. I have to say that there is one movie that I really like, the one that they refer to, Lucky Kids, also known as Glückskinder, it’s very funny. It’s a very funny screwball comedy. And they re-created New York in the movie. And it’s one of those things, just like in American movies, you’ll watch The Shop Around the Corner and it’s supposed to be in Budapest, but obviously they’re all speaking English. Well this is supposed to be taking place in New York and they’re all speaking German, and that’s just kind of cute.

KM: Lucky Kids is like It Happened One Night

QT: Yes, it’s actually Goebbels’ version of It Happened One Night.

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