quinta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2010

Thus the universe which is represented in an icon does not reflect the disorder of our world corrupted by sin, but divine order and perfect peace re-established in the universe. Divine grace, and not the rational categories of the earth, not human morality, reigns in the icon. From this arises the hieratism of the icon, its simplicity, its majesty, its calm. From this arises the rhythm of its lines and the joy of its colors. With this requirement of a divinely ordered space the image's relation to the world hesitates between realism and formalism. The representational icon is understood to be a privileged zone of interaction between the secular and the sacred; secular because it is an object and offers images of people; sacred because it revolves around the incarnation of Christ, represents a movement towards religious recovery, and is another mode of the Word made flesh.

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