quinta-feira, 29 de maio de 2014

Feliz nº 700

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Andy Rector disse...

True indeed! CDC doesn't even bother to review Straub's many many videos since Huillet's death.

bruno andrade disse...

Not only they don't even bother to review Straub's shorts, but speaking solely in terms of so called "contemporary cinema" (as though Rivette writing about Verdoux during a 1963 re-release wasn't perfectly contemporary, wasn't in tune with the releases of Muriel, Adieu Philippine, Donovan's Reef...), they haven't made one single mention to Pimenta and Torgal's Wolfram, there's not one important article written about Handagama, not a word about Treilhou, yet they have time to occupy themselves with frivolous stuff like Gravity and Spring Breakers.

There's no real difference nowadays between Cahiers and other venues like Chronic'art, Positif, Sight & Sound, Cinema Scope; only superficially there might be, but as is the case with everything superficial, it doesn't really matter.

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