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« Most sea movies are action films, but La ligne d'ombre is an inaction film. It's a contemplative film. The ship won't move, and cholera breaks out on board. The ship I used was a two-master, a brig from Conrad's era. I've never sailed, and I hate to travel. The roadstead of Singapore was faked in Villefranche, and the roadstead of Bangkok in Nice. Better yet, for the Bangkok harbor we shot in the Bercy region of Paris - where Feuillade shot Fantômas. And it's perfect - you'd think you were really in Malaysia in Conrad's day. Curiously, when it was shown on television. I received a note from Marguerite Duras saying she liked it, which hadn't happened with Les rideaux blancs. There is a kinship between Conrad and Duras, whose writing is very feminine, full of sensuality. Both have mystery. »

Mystery and Melodrama: A Conversation with Georges Franju, Randall Conrad and Georges Franju. Film Quarterly, Vol. 35, No. 2 (Winter, 1981-1982), pp. 31-42

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