segunda-feira, 8 de março de 2010

What do you expect from a critic?

I'm not a critic. Many members of this group are, and I'd be curious to know what's driving them when it's time to fill the blanks on the paper... Facts? Analysis? Dreams? History? Anedoct? Poetry?

What do I expect from a critic?

Don't tell me the story. I'm as bright as the average, I guess I can figure who loves who and who kills you.
Don't try politics. I don't understand. You neither.
Don't quote more than once. I know you read books. But I'm pretty sure that Hegel has nothing to do with that movie.
Don't overstate the id. I have enough troubles with my superego.
Don't tell me the story of your life. If that's funny, write a book. I'll buy it.
Don't tell me it's good. Or tell me, if you like.

But tell me why...

Tell me why you cried when she moved her shoulders. Tell me why those thirteen seconds sounded like an eternity. Tell me why you felt the world was close to the end when the guy pulled his gun. Tell me why you'll never forget the color of his suit. Tell me why the happiness of the entire world could fit in his simple smile. Tell me why you felt like if it was the first day ever when the sunshine came into the room.

Tell me why I enjoy movies. I'm puzzled.

Maxime Renaudin

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Jesús Cortés disse...

Está bien.
Pero yo creo que incluyendo algunas cosas que Renaudin pide excluir también se puede hacer un buen comentario.
Lourcelles incluyó sin ir más lejos sinopsis de las películas que hablaba en sus diccionario que son una delicia hasta para los que entendemos torpemente el francés y que además servían en sí mismas para hacer parte de la crítica en ocasiones.
Al fin y al cabo, contar una película es en cierto modo comentarla para bien o para mal.

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